Stretchfoam is the most recent breakthrough in protective foam! Stretchfoam is manufactured exclusively by Pregis using a proprietary manufacturing process and material formulation.
The result is a sheet foam that stretches and conforms to a product for maximum surface protection balanced by the strength and durability of traditional polyethylene foam.

• 10% stretch factor yield advantage - ideal for wrapping
• High coefficient of friction for interleaving and applications that require stretch and hold features for added protection
• Superior tear and tensile strength for edge protection and ease of use
• Soft, non-abrasive material will not mark or leave a residue on Class A surfaces
• Good compression strength for optimal cushioning and re-usability
• Ultra lightweight material is easy to handle, ergonomically sound and reduces shipping cost
• Recyclable as a category 4 LDPE foam (where recycling is available)
• Manufacturing process re-captures blowing agent and scrap to minimize environmental impact
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