Impact & Enviro. Recorders

Shock Watch Impact and Environmental Recorders

Provide ongoing monitoring of the intensity and duration of shock and vibrations to large stationary or moving equipment, structures, and storage environments.
Tri-axial piezo-electric accelerometer technology is used to record impact direction, amplitude, and duration. Onboard sensors record changes in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Shock Log

This device records the date and the time of up to 400 events. Optional accessories include an environmental indicator, and a remote accelerator to record shock and vibration in areas away from where the device is mounted.

Micro Shock Log

This device records the date and time of up to 128 events, in addition to peak values of impacts at user-specified intervals. Optional accessories include a humidity sensor.


Decreases costs related to damage incurred during operation, shipping, handling, and storage
Encourages adherence to product storage and handling guidlines
Provides a visible deterrent to improper operation and handling
Allows for corrective action in cases of potential impact, vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure extremes
Pinpoints potential areas for improvement in operational, shipping, an handling processes
Confirms acceptable conditions during equipment operation, shipping, and handling
Alerts recipient to inspect goods or equipment for damage
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