PT-14 Blue Painter's Masking Tape:

This tape is a fine-structured crepe backed painter's tape. Provides very clean paint lines and removes cleanly and easily even when exposed to direct sunlight and high humidity for up to 14 days.

PG505 Plain Painter's Masking Tape

Designed for the painting contractors. With a high elongation, this tape can bend to most painting designs and applications.

ST-114 Plain Masking Tape

General purpose masking tape for holding and sealing.

PG5 Masking Tape

Premium grade general purpose masking tape. This smooth textured backing makes PG5 easy to apply while providing clean and crisp paint lines.

PF2 White Masking Tape

This flatback white masking tape is printable with flexographic inks and is great for labeling products.

PF3 Black Masking Tape

Black Masking Tape - Its general purpose being masking, holding and sealing this medium crepe masking tape is often used for temporary harness wrapping, identification, color coding, decorative edging and light weight packaging.

PG21 Hi-Temp Masking Tape

Hi-temp tape is extremely versatile, warm or cold removal. Pressure-sensitive crepe paper tape, designed to perform under the most demanding conditions. Resistant to strong solvents and paints.

1010038 ST114 1/2x6Oyd Masking 72
1020038 ST114 3/4x6Oyd Masking 48
1030038 ST114 1x6Oyd Masking 36
1040038 ST114 1-1/2x6Oyd Masking 24
1050038 ST114 2x6Oyd Masking 24
1060957 PG505 3/4x6Oyd Masking 48
1070957 PG505 1x6Oyd Masking 36
1080957 PG505 2x6Oyd Masking 24
3000083 PG5 1x6Oyd Masking 36
6000291 PG5 2x6Oyd Masking 24
2070038 PG21 3/4x6Oyd Hi-temp Masking 48
2080038 PG21 1x6Oyd Hi-temp Masking 36
2090038 PG21 2x6Oyd Hi-temp Masking 24
2100038 PT-14 3/4x6Oyd Blue Masking 48
2110038 PT-14 1x6Oyd Blue Masking 36
2120038 PT-14 1-1/2x6Oyd Blue Masking 24
2130038 PT-14 2x6Oyd Blue Masking 24
1040002 TA2534 2x60 Kraft Masking 24
2010038 PF2 1x6Oyd White Masking 36
2020038 PF2 1-1/2x6Oyd White Masking 24
2030038 PF2 2x6Oyd White Masking 24
2040038 PF3 1-1/2x6Oyd Black Masking 24
2050038 PF3 2x6Oyd Black Masking 24

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