Loose Fill

General Use:

Sometimes referred to as packaging peanuts, loose fill is used to prevent damage to fragile objects during shipping as well as a void filler.

Green Loose Fill
Made of 100% recycled polystyrene. 
14cu. ft/bag

Anti-Static Loose Fill
Anti-static treated.
Ideal for shipping electronics.
Meets U.S. Military specifications. Regulation #PPP/C/1683.
14cu. ft/bag

Biodegradable Loose Fill
100% biodegradable.
Non-static, corn and potato starch mixture.
Disintegrates in water
12cu. ft/bag
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Loose Fill

Sometimes referred to as void filler or packing peanuts, loose fill is essential for certain shipping applications, especially if your product creates unevenly shaped voids within the carton. With excellent cushioning and flexibility, you might find that it’s the best choice to protect the goods you ship. Choose from peanuts made of expanded polystyrene, also known as EPS or plastic #6, our bio-degradable corn starch mixture is the most popular due to its ability to completely break down, it is 100% environmentally friendly. Since the peanuts interlock, you can pack your carton tightly and know that the peanuts will not shift or settle during transit -- your product will remain safely in place. You can even use different types of loose fill for different needs -- tell the types apart at a glance due to their different colors. This product can be used many times and many businesses set up systems to continually recycle and reuse to increase cost savings.. 

Green loose fill is made of 100% recycled polystyrene and comes in 14 cubic foot bags.

Pink anti-static loose fill is ideal for shipping electronics. Treated to deter static, it meets U.S. military specifications (regulation #PPP/C/1683).

Cream-colored loose fill is biodegradable, and is made from a mixture of corn and potato starch and comes in 12 cubic foot bags. It’s anti-static and will dissolve in water. If being eco-conscious is important to your company, Package It can support that initiative. Call us at 1-800-419-2004 to place your order for packing peanuts. Our customers come from King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties and beyond...why not become one of them?
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