Impact Indicators

ShockWatch Impact Indicators detect and record 
impacts and mishandling of fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products during transportation or storage.

ShockWatch Labels, Clips, and Tubes:
ShockWatch labels and clips are devices containing a tube with red liquid held in suspension. When the device is subjected to an impact exceeding a specified G-level, the shock releases the highly visible red liquid into the tube. These products can be used to prevent damage to virtually any goods requiring care during shipping and handling or storage.
ShockWatch Companion Label to be used with Shockwatch Indicator

The ShockWatch product is designed to be used with a COMPANION LABEL which spells out to receiving personnel what exactly to do if the impact indicator has been tripped.


_ Reduces product damage and loss incurred during transportation or storage
_ Protects fragile, sensitive, or calibrated goods in transit
_ Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
_ Acts as visual deterrent to improper handling
_ Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance
_ Ensures chain of accountability for all product handling
_ Protects against/reduces warranty claims
_ Confirms effectiveness of packaging
_ Identifies trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage
_ Lowers production yield losses
_ Ensures quality of product from dock to dock
_ Increases customer satisfaction and provides a visible marketing edge
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