Environmental Recorders

ShockWatch Environmental Recorders

Portable data logger that monitors and records temperature and humidity for products in transportation and storage. Data collected can be used to graphically analyze environmental conditions.

DataScribe RH52: This device monitors and records temperature and humidity through a linear dual channel.

DataScribe Jr.: This device monitors and records temperature through a single linear channel using either an internal or external sensor. It is available with optional remote sensors that can monitor extreme temperature environments such as freezers, heating ducts, and climate-controlled environments.


Reduces product damage and loss from shipping, handling, and storage
Provides ongoing record of unacceptable exposure, including precise time and date
Protects the quality and integrity of products
Encourages adherence to product storage and handling temperature guidelines
Ensures safety and health compliance
Ensures chain of accountability in storage and transportation
Identifies potential product quality problems before delivery to end-user
Protects against/reduces warranty claims
Pinpoints trouble spots in storage transportation
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