Corrugated Mailers (Die Cut)
  • 32 ECT #3 White Outside
  • Rigid hinged design sets up in seconds.
  • Hinged lid allowing for ease of open and closing
  •  Perfect for shipping, mailing, shelf displays and storage.

One-Piece Folders, Self-Locking Folders and Variable-Depth Folders
  • 32 ECT #3 White Outside
  • Ideal for shipping and mailing of books, stationery, photos, binders, records and disks.
  • Sets up and seal in seconds with tape or glue.
  • Vari-Depth folders keep inventory or sizes to a minimum.

Self-Locking Five Panel Folders and Triangle Tubes

  • Ideal for mailing rolled material such as blueprints, posters, calendars or charts.
  • Self-locking ends provide easy opening and closing
Note:  (All noted dimensions are "inside dimensions)

Corrugated Mailers (Die Cut)

M424 RETT 3x2x1 50/BND, 5250/Pallet
M444 RETT 3x2x2 50/BND, 8750/Pallet
M412 RETT 3x3x2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M431 ST 3x3x3 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M488 ECCO/DF 3-1/4x3-1/4x1-1/2 50/BND, 7000/Pallet
M436 RETT 3-3/4x3-1/2x2-5/8 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M445 ECCO/ST 3-5/8x2-11/16x2-1/16 50/BND, 5600/Pallet
M446 RETT 4x2x2 50/BND, 7000/Pallet
M489 ECCO/DF 4x3x1-1/2 50/BND, 7000/Pallet
M438 RETT/DF 4x3x2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M484 ST 4x3x3 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M413 RETT 4x4x2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M414 RETT 4x4x3 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M490 RETT 4-1/2x3-3/8x1-1/16 50/BND, 7000/Pallet
M447 RETT 5x2x2 50/BND, 7000/Pallet
M440 RETT 5x3x2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M448 RETT 5x3x3 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M437 RETT 5x4x2 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M449 RETT 5x4x3 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M428 RETT 5x5x3 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M425 RETT 5-5/16x3-5/8x2-1/16 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M491 ST 5-1/2x3x2-1/2 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M442 RETT 5-1/2x4x2 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M426 RETT 6x2x2 50/BND, 5250/Pallet
M451 RETT 6x3x2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M433 ST 6x3x3 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M441 ECCO/DF 6x4-1/2x2-1/4 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M477 RETT 6x4x2 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M415 RETT 6x4x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M452 RETT 6x6x1 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M417 RETT 6x6x3 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M443 RETT/DF 6-5/8x4-1/8x3-5/8 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M432 RETT 6-1/4x4-1/4x1-1/2 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M439 RETT 6-1/2x3-3/4x1-1/2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M418 ST 6-1/2x4-1/2x2 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M492 RETT/DF 6-1/2x4-1/2x4 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M455 RETT 7x3x2 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M485 ST 7x3x3 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M456 RETT 7x4x2 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M420 RETT 7x4x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M427 RETT 7x4x4 50/BND, 1750/Pallet
M457 RETT 7x6-1/2x1-7/8 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M406 ST 7-1/2x3-1/4x2-1/4 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M407 ST 7-1/2x3-3/4x3-1/4 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M461 ECCO/DF 7-1/2x4-1/4x1-1/16 50/BND, 4200/Pallet
M411 RETT 7-1/2x5-1/2x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M493 ECCO/DF 7-1/2x7-1/2x2 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M408 RETT 7-1/2x7-1/2x3-1/4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M458 RETT 8x3x2 50/BND, 2800/Pallet
M459 RETT 8x4x2 50/BND, 2800/Pallet
M460 RETT 8x4x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M421 RETT 8x4x4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M487 ECCO/DF 8x5x1-1/4 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M409 ST 8x5x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M478 ECCO/DF 8x6x1-1/2 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M464 ECCO/DF 8-1/8x4-3/4x1-3/16 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M467 RETT 8-1/4x8-1/4x1-3/4 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M462 RETT 9x2x2 50/BND, 3500/Pallet
M463 RETT 9x3x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M416 RETT/DF 9x4x4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M473 ECCO/DF 9x5-1/2x1-1/4 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M401 RETT/DF 9x6x1 50/BND, 3150/Pallet
M511 ECCO/ST 9x6x3-1/2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M486 9x6x3-1/2 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M429 RETT 9-3/8x5-1/4x2-1/2 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M430 RETT 9-3/8x7-1/4x2-1/2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M410 RETT 9-1/2x8x2-1/4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M465 RETT 10x2x2 50/BND, 2800/Pallet
M466 RETT 10x3x2 50/BND, 2800/Pallet
M510 ST 10x3x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M468 RETT 10x4x2 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M469 RETT 10x4x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M422 RETT 10x4x4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M496 RETT 10x10x2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M470 RETT/DF 10-1/8x4-1/8x3-1/2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M471 RETT 10-5/8x3-5/8x2-1/16 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M497 RETT 11x6-1/2x2-3/4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M472 RETT/DF 11-1/8x4-1/2x2-5/8 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M402 RETT 11-1/4x8-3/4x2-1/8 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M405 RETT 11-1/4x8-3/4x3 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M403 RETT 11-1/4x8-3/4x4 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M494 ECCO/DF 11-1/2x9x2-1/8 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M498 ECCO/ST 12x3x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M423 RETT/DF 12x6x4 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M479 ECCO/DF 12x8x1-1/2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M480 ECCO/DF 12x12x1-1/2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M474 RETT/DF 12-1/4x6-1/2x4-1/8 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M434 RETT 12-1/4x9-1/4x2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M419 RETT 12-1/4x9-1/4x3 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M435 RETT 12-1/4x9-1/4x4 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M475 RETT 12-1/2x5x3 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
GB1 RETT/DF 13x10x2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M506 ECCO/DF 13-1/2x13-1/2x2 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M500 ECCO/ST 14x3x3 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M404 RETT/DF 14-1/4x8-3/4x2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
GB5 RETT/DF 15x11x2 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M503 RETT 15-1/8x11-1/4x2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M504 RETT 15-1/8x11-1/4x3 50/BND, 700/Pallet
M501 RETT 15-1/8x8-3/4x2 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M502 RETT 15-1/8x8-3/4x3 50/BND, 1400/Pallet
M505 ECCO/ST 15-7/8x3-3/4x2-5/8 50/BND, 2100/Pallet
M481 ECCO/DF 16x12x1-1/2 25/BND, 1400/Pallet
GB2 RETT/DF 17x11x2-1/2 25/BND, 700/Pallet
M482 ECCO/DF 18x12x1-1/2 25/BND, 700/Pallet
M509 RETT 19x12x2-1/2 25/BND, 700/Pallet
GB3 RETT/DF 19x12x3 25/BND, 700/Pallet
M483 ECCO/DF 20x10x2-1/4 25/BND, 700/Pallet
M476 RETT/DF 20-5/8x6-5/8x4-1/8 25/BND, 700/Pallet
GB6 RETT/DF 23x13x2-1/2 25/BND, 350/Pallet
GB4 RETT/DF 23x13x3-1/2 25/BND, 350/Pallet
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