BOX 101

BOX 101

Box manufacturers prefer the dimensions of a box to be expressed and measured as inside dimensions. Accurately measuring the inside of the box is very important to ensure that the proper fit is created. The dimensions are listed as Length x Width x Depth. 

  • The length is defined as the longer side of the opening.
  • The width is the shorter side of the opening.
  • The depth runs perpendicular to the length and width and is also the height of the carton
How To Measure a RSC box:

Carefully remove the tape, or stitches, or separate the glue flap.
Lay the container flat with the inside liner up. The unjoined container should now appear as illustrated below.

  • The container panel measurement should be taken on panels 2 and 3. Take your pen and mark the exact center of the scores enclosing the panel involved and measure the distance between these marks to the nearest sixteenth-inch. This measurement is not the inside dimension of the case.
  • Deduct from this the "Score Allowances" listed below.

RSC Score Allowances
  Length - Subtract 3/16" 
  Width - Subtract 3/16" 
  Depth - Subtract 3/8"
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