Bubble Air cushioning

Package It offers a variety of air cushioning lines to protect your products.

Military Grade or High End Astro-SupraBubble® Air Cushioning: This bubble packaging is made from heavier-duty co-extruded polyethylene/ nylon. The stronger bubble packaging material should be used for items that are heavier or have a long storage cycle.

Commercial Astro-Cell® Plus Air Cushioning: This bubble packaging material is made from co-extruded polyethylene/nylon. This bubble can be used for intermediate shipping and storage cycles of light or medium weight, moderately valued products.

Economy Astro-Bubble® Air Cushioning: This bubble packaging material is the best option for lightweight, inexpensive items. Available as Astro-Bubble® Green™ with 25% recycled content with a green tint to provide a visual cue to consumers that this is a cleaner, greener alternative to standard bubble cushioning.

Bubble Out Bags: Lightweight, clean and flexible, air cushioning materials offer a smart alternative to loose fill. Air cushioning keeps products of all shapes and sizes securely in place while protecting them from shock, vibration and abrasion. deal for interior packaging applications. Eliminates wrapping or boxing, keeping products visible and reducing overall packaging costs.

Anti-Static Bubble Out Bags: Effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage to sensitive electronic components during packaging, storing and shipping. Designed for applications where Faraday Cage Protection is not required but static control is necessary. Product is visible for instant product identification. Environmentally friendly Bags make loading items more efficient than loose fill or wrapping. Self-seal closure eliminates taping saving materials and labor. 3/16" Astro-Cell® air cushioning provides superior cushioning. Transparency provides easy product identification.
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